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Time to move the antenna and fix the radios tracking 20.1 MHz

A few weeks ago I was searching the Internet for any information on the Mcmath Hulbert Solar Observatory. After many hours of searching (yes, prescription
I was bored and it was late) I stumbled across a Ebay vender who specialized in vintage photography. To my surprise this vender, price
Historic Images, had original B&W photos of the Mcmath Hulbert.

Without hesitation I purchased the following photographs for a very reasonable cost. The are all original B&W press photos and NOT copies as often seen.


This is a image of Tower 3. You can see tower 2 in the background. The notes on the back of this photo were stamped: By Detroit news Staff, Photographer Styrlander, Feb 27 1964


This is the workshop in Tower 3. This is where we normally gather on Saturday’s. The large machinery is no longer there.
The back of this photograph was stamped Sep 2 1978 with a hand written note: “Machine shop where many of the observatories delicate instruments are made”


And then were was the photograph of tower 1 in its last days of active research. This photograph was stamped Sep 2 1978 with the hand written note: “Dr Prince in H-Alpha Flare Patrol Telescope Tower. Other 2 towers visible in the background.

The Flare Patrol telescope is still located in tower 1 but the dome is in much need of repair. The dome is made of wood and the interior boards on the shutters are currently being replaced. From many years of water leakage they had finally given way to wood rot.

There seems to be some problem with the two radios tracking 20.1 MHz. Both seem to have stopped responding to any solar events, order while still responding to Jovian events. We had already planned moving the antenna to a place where tower 2 and tower 1 would not block 40% of the sky. I guess the time has now come to do this, cialis as the radio observable window for Jupiter has shrinked to only a few hours….

– Sai

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