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Saturday 3/10/2012 Project Status

My standard process when we arrive at MHO theses days is to download the Super-SID data from the previous week so that I can upload it to the Stanford ftp site. I’ve not gotten into this system in much detail yet but hope to as soon as the 6 meter repeater is back online. I am planning to organize the VLF radio room and get a couple more receivers online. If we can get a good Internet connection this year I would like to put them online for remote monitoring and to provide realtime uploading to the Stanford Super-SID system.

I’m getting closer to having the old 6 Meter repeater back into operation on 53.9400/53.4400 with 131.8pl. It was running for many years as NE9Y. We will be bringing it back online as K8MHO. There just seems to be a substantial stream of setbacks as I continue. I guess that’s to be expected from equipment that old.

This Saturday I started replacing the power leads to both the transmitter and receiver radios. The wire has become brittle and movement causes cracks in the insulation. I hope to get everything powered up on our next work Saturday and start configuring the new controller. Then I need to onto repairing the antenna which we also discovered had beed damaged.


I’m hoping to be able to get a ham friend out after its all together to assist with some final adjustments. (hint, help hint, Fred)

We will also be making the McMath-Hulbert ham shack more active. I’ve located a stack of the old QSL cards and how to hoist up a G5RV this spring to give us some greater band coverage then the dipole we currently have. I’m excited about becoming active as K8MHO on PSK31




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