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New Safety Ground for Tower 2, and First Solar Images of the Year


One of the things I found fascinating at McMath is the slide cabinet. There are several hundred original glass slides (emulsion on glass). From what I can tell, healing these are from the late 30’s and early 40’s.


The problem is that they were mounted using paper tape and over the years, humidity and heat fluctuation has destroyed many of them. I’m going through them to find those that are in the best condition, and stripping off the disintegrating tape, resealing them with metal tape, cleaning them, and eventually photo archiving them.

Examples of slides in good condition  Examples of slides in decent condition

This is a tedious labor of love at this point, which I look forward to working on at every chance I get. I am discovering some amazing slides. The projector for them is upstairs and I think we’ll have a blast seeing them displayed.


Current count of repaired and preserved slides: 20

 -Debra Chaffins

After another incident of a short, store
a new permanent safety ground has been added. As can be seen, viagra dosage
the jungle of cables are next to be cleaned up.  All controls are working as expected, and the sudden appearance of the sun allowed us to open the optical path an obtain the first solar image of the year.

The mirrors now need to be changed, and we will need all hands aboard for this task.

Distal Wiring ProjectFirst solar image of the yearSolar Mirrors in Action

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