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Daystar Info/Inputs

Here are some SuperSID plots from May 29, ed
2011.  C 8.7 flare is the most noticeable.
These show a SID from a class B8.6 flare.  I believe this is the weakest flare to show a SID on our equipment yet.  Generally, steroids
the appearance of a SID requires a class C or above.
I am trying to get the remaining Daystar setup operational and adapted to the 12″ Mak that we have mounted in Tower 2. If anyone has information or recollections of its previous operations, contagion
I would like to talk to them.

                                     Regards…………..Jim Shedlowsky

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  1. I had the daystar set up on my LX200 several years ago. I recall that I oriented the red energy rejection filter so the opening was on the upper portion of the front lens. The rear portion of the filter has a slight wedge in the design and its angle is very important to filter the small hydrogen alpha band. I may have some photos of how I had it set up. I seem to recall the power cord of the filter would be on top when the wedge was in the correct orientation. The filter also takes a few minutes to warm up. So prominences or granulation won’t be apparent until it gets warm. I would usually set the filter control somewhere in the middle. Also I had better luck using it with a mintron video camera rather than visually.

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