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Solar Activity 7/10/2011 week

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SID & SuperSID Data

Here are some of the troublesome charts for your perusal.  Remember that only the daytime is of importance – the night signals are random signal strength and of no concern.  Comparing the bottom two, cardiologist one from the SuperSID and one from the SID, cialis 40mg is interesting.  The SID is more of a real radio.  I think I may change the frequency of the SID to track NAA on 24 kHz to more directly compare the spikes I get occasionally.  It will be interesting to see if the real radio (SID) is less susceptible to this interference.


Below is the SuperSID version of NPM on 21.4 kHz.  Note how clean the signal is, but also note the faint dips that correlate to the spikes on the others.

Below is the SuperSID version of NAA on 24.0 kHz.  Note all the false SID’s.

Below is the SuperSID version of NLK on 24.8 kHz.

Below is the SuperSID version of NML on 25.2 kHz.

Below is the SID version of NML on 25.2 kHz.  Note how there is less interference.  17:10 and 23:30 are both true SID’s on both charts.


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