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September, 2011, Jupiter

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Solar Activity 7/10/2011 week

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Solar Activity 7/2/11 through 7/8/11

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Radio Jove Solar Activity over the past week. Nothing major but lots of small RSP.

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June 19, 2011 Radio Jove solar activity

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Radio Jove solar activity week of June 13, 2011

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April 14, 2011, solar data

Here are more files comparing our data to Nancay.

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April 1st solar events

SID from a C2.9 flare.  NAA, find
NPM and NLK.

Victor Herrero has been sending me shots of significant events taken from an SDR in Nancay in France (I believe).  They look like white smears across a blue background from about 20 to 70 MHz, women’s health
depending on the event.  I’ve looked at the ones that occur while the sun is up here, cardiologist
and that go down to 20 MHz back to April 1 so far.  I’ve been surprised at how some of the small burbles I’d overlooked before are actually signals from these sweep frequency burst events that are not included in the GOES reports.  It’s also encouraging to know that our meager setup can receive this stuff.  Unfortunately, it will be hard to confirm much of our stuff beyond sunset in Nancay – I don’t know of anyone else who is publishing these data.

I attached the Nancay report (the png) and our data for April 1.  The naming protocol is year, month, day, hour, minute, seconds for the start of my file.  I usually slide the start of the event over one hash mark to the right, so the time in the filename will be a little before the event.  My zooming for each file also affects the time lag.

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Radio Jove Data

Here are the latest solar plots from Radio Jove.  Red is Yaesu, unhealthy blue is Radio Shack DX-398.

Most of these aren’t as dramatic as some earlier ones, generic but they’re still good and most correlate to GOES. A few are “unknown” that do not correlate, although some of the RSP have very long activity periods.

My filename scheme is: Date/Time (of the beginning of the frame)_ Source (solar or jovial)_ GOES event number_type.  It seems that most of them are RSP which are sweep frequency radio burst (the type we’d see on an SDR).

Type  II: Slow drift burst
Type III: Fast drift burst
Type  IV: Broadband smooth continuum burst
Type   V: Brief continuum burst, generally associated with Type III bursts
Type  VI: Series of Type III bursts over a period of 10 minutes or more,with no period longer than 30 minutes without activity
Type VII: Series of Type III and Type V bursts over a period of 10 minutesor more, with no period longer than 30 minutes without activity
Type CTM: Broadband, long-lived, dekametric continuum


Here are the images from this past week.  There are a couple unknowns that I believe are solar, women’s health
and at least one that may be noise.

The two radios continue to track quite well.  I may switch the Yaesu to SSB and see what difference there might be.  It seems to stunt itself with the high amplitude ones.


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Radio Jove Data – March 26 Partial

This is not the full day since I left MHO well before the end of the day.

For some reason, approved
the nature of the plot itself changed in mid-day.  The plots look “thinner”.   I believe I copied the files before we did the calibration and put the filter in line.


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